Central Coast Pressure Clean
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Building Washing

Is your building looking a little tired and overdue for a clean, Call Chris at Central Coast Pressure Clean and we can discuss how we can save you money on restoring your building exterior facades at a fraction of a cost it would to paint your building you manage, with over 20 years on the job experience and the exclusive member of pressurecleaning.com.au for the central coast region we are backed with a vast array of knowledge that we share among other pressure cleaning members across Australia your building is in good hands.

Our knowledge recognizes the delicate substrate surfaces so we will be cleaning your building not damaging the surface, we work with historical buildings regularly, if they need to be cleaned using a toothbrush to ensure no damage is caused then we`ll take on this approach. 

Warning Don`t Put Your Building At Risks For The Sake Of A Cheap Price It Takes Years Of Knowledge To Learn The Art Of Pressure Cleaning On Large Jobs

The building surfaces we often clean vary from:

  • Cement Render Cleaning
  • Brick Cleaning
  • Mould Removal
  • Paint Removal
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Pavement Cleaning
  • Pebblecrete Surface Cleaning
  • Metal Building Facades
  • Fibrous Cement Board Cleaning
  • Painted Timber Surface Cleaning
  • Carpark Cleaning
  • Floors & Walls

Downpipe Cleaning on the underside of the roof, these areas hold a lot of vehicle pollution and when cleaned well they shine as if new again.

  • Shopping Centre Cleaning
  • Paths
  • Loading Docks
  • Main Entry Areas
  • Chewing Gum Removal

School building maintenance cleaning we have cleaned many school building that requires expert knowledge as only years on the job provides when working with old school buildings as many hold historical values to preserve using the best knowledge as once a building surface is damaged it will not be authentic anymore.

We Operate 24 Hrs 7Days Night And Day For Over 20 Years We Have Been Making The Central Coast Shine.


  • Building Washing
  • School Building Washing
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